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Reduce paper waste: Wash Your Hands Of (not with) Paper Towels!

Reduce paper waste: Wash Your Hands Of (not with) Paper Towels!

The Facts About Paper Towels

Did you know that the average person uses 2400 – 3,000 paper towels at work every year? Or that 90% of American households use paper towels for cleaning every day? They’re so lightweight, you might not think much about using them, but paper towel waste adds up to a very heavy problem.

photo of recycle arrowsHow heavy? 13 billion pounds. That’s how many paper towels we’re using in the U.S. in just one year. Whittle that down to just one day and the number is still enormous: 3,000 tons of paper towel waste will have been created by midnight tonight. That’s about the weight of 3,000 economy cars. And that’s happening day in and day out, every single day.

And we’re paying a very high price. To make just one ton of paper towels, 17 trees must be cut down and 20,000 gallons of water consumed. Multiply that by the 3,000 tons mentioned above, and you get roughly 51,000 trees and 60 million gallons of water—consumed every day. And for what? A single-use, throwaway product that could easily be substituted to make a real and lasting difference.

In fact, if we could all reduce by just one paper towel a day, we could save 571,230,000 pounds of paper towel waste in America every year.

Norwex Travel Pack

That’s why we’re thrilled to see many of you are opting to toss your paper towels out for good on our October 26 Commitment Day ticker. A great alternative to drying your hands with paper towels is to use Norwex Microfiber cloths and towels, especially our Travel Pack of Enviro Cloths. They’re made of super absorbent, soft microfiber so they not only get your hands dry, they’re also much more environmentally friendly than paper towels or electric hand dryers. These 6” x 6” cloths come four to a set and are perfect for tucking in your purse, backpack or office drawer. Give one to your husband to carry in his briefcase or lunch box, as well as your kids, and get them on the green bandwagon too!

And for those times when there’s no choice but to use a paper towel, here’s an enlightening yet fun peek at one more way to cut back on their usage. Click this link http://on.ted.com/JoeSmith.



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Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
6 years ago

I just bought 3 Norwex wet wipes bag for my car, my purse, and my diaper bag. I was wondering… if you use the travel enviro cloths to dry your hands, would you need to launder the cloths frequently, or would they dry in the bags and be good for reuse for awhile?

4 years ago
Reply to  Gingi Freeman

Hey, Freeman that is amazing!!!!!! >_<

4 years ago

Hey, I think that it is unbelievable that a lot of water is polluted.