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21 Tips for Staying Snug this Winter Part 2

21 Tips for Staying Snug this Winter Part 2

Part II

We can’t keep him from knocking, but we don’t have to let him in! Here are the next seven ideas for keeping Old Man Winter outside, where he belongs! See our Part I of the series here.


  1. 81. Set your ceiling fan to run in reverse (clockwise).
    This pushes warm air downward, where you and your family can enjoy it.
  2. 92. Run a humidifier.
    Dry air makes for chillier rooms, but a bit of water vapor in the air helps us feel warmer. Don’t over-do it though: Too much humidity can also make you chilly, and over time, it can cause mildew. Humidity levels of 40% to 50% are best.
  3. 103. Cover your window unit air conditioner.
    Set the vent to “off” and cover the unit with a quilted pad to keep cold air outside.
  4. 134. Insulate your foundation.
    Place bales of straw around your home’s foundation to block cold air and help keep floors warm, especially if your foundation is pier-and-beam.
  5. 115. Plant evergreens close to your home and consider planting a windbreak on your property.
    A windbreak can save up to 30% in energy costs.
  6. 156. Keep interior doors closed.
    If you have a large closet or room that doesn’t need to be heated, shut the door and air vent in that room to minimize the amount of space that does need to be heated.
  7. 147. Shade the space.
    Cover your windows with insulated blackout drapes to keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


Do you have tips for helping your home stay warm this winter? We’d love to hear from you! Just leave a suggestion in the comment section below.



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Lauren Guss
Lauren Guss
8 years ago

I love the tip about the ceiling fan. I’m going to have my husband check this out! In an attempt to keep our downstairs warmer this winter we are going to be putting new weather stripping on the doors.

Hope Beach
Hope Beach
8 years ago

I keep my curtains open in the winter time to let the sun heat my house and save energy. I’m surprised it says to close them.

Dianne Miller
Dianne Miller
8 years ago
Reply to  Hope Beach

I agree with Hope Beach, as long as you have draft free windows! But they should definitely be closed as the sun disappears.

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
6 years ago

Great tips! <3