October Wrap Up

Norwex has some of the most wonderful folks in the business – consultants, customers, staff, all of them — and true to form, they submitted some tremendous responses to our Norwex Commitment Day 2014 call for “green” commitments. Some highlights…

“We changed the light switches in the kids rooms and bathroom to motion sensors that will turn off automatically. It helps keep the light off and saves the electric bill too!” – Sara W.

“…I will decide at the store before a purchase by asking myself. Is this a want, or a need? Will I use this item in 6 months? do I have a duplicate? Can I live without it?” – Susan S.

“and try to get more people involved.” – Catrina C.

breast cancer awareness month

Catrina – Agreed! We ALL benefit from getting more people involved in becoming aware and contributing to a cleaner world.

Of the checklisted items, the most popular commitment seems to be “Avoid foods and products with lots of toxic ingredients”; Who could disagree with that?

Keep those commitments coming! We will continue to post highlights in upcoming weeks.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is breast cancer awareness month. If you haven’t done so yet, please get tested. While 1 in 8 American born women are likely to get breast cancer at some point, the good news is that the survival rate is high, so long as the cancer is detected and treated in its early stages.

one less plastic bottle

“One Less” – Plastics Recycling Drive
As part of our “One Less” focus on plastics during October, Norwex conducted a plastics recycling drive. The goal: to take the pile of discarded plastics and construct something whimsical, artistic, clever from it in order to underscore just how much plastic we all throw out.

With November a week away, our “One Less” theme for the coming month will be focused on water and energy conservation, as in “one less light turned on, one less bath…”

#NorwexOneLess Norwex One less CostumeHalloween is Almost Here!
Reuseit.com offers a few bits of advice for your trick or treating delight.

  • Get creative and avoid single use costumes
  • Avoid plastic candy wrapper waste
  • Trick or treat with a reusable shopping bag

I would add, getting creative and recycling items one already has or may be able to use in other ways in the future applies to our Halloween decorating efforts as well.

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