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seven winter home cleaning tips for the new year


winter tips
A clean home is a healthy home—any time of the year. And with the first day of winter just a week away, there are plenty of reasons to give your house a seasonal spruce up.

For starters, you’ll be ready for holiday guests and festivities. Plus, cooler temperatures mean spending more time indoors. A clean environment can actually increase feelings of well-being—not to mention, help reduce stress, anxiety, even fatigue. Good for both your abode and your psyche. (Win-win.)

Ready to get started? Norwex® has you covered with products that are as safe as they are effective. Here, a checklist to get you ready for the new season and the new year.

  1. Clean vents and replace air filters.
    In colder climes, vents will be working extra hard to pump warm, fresh air into your house. The cleaner they are, the easier it will be for air to circulate. Vacuum first, then wipe down with a dry super-durable microfiber EnviroCloth® to catch even the smallest particles of dust.

    You’ll also want to change out your HVAC filter. Benefits include lower energy costs (fans don’t have to work overtime) and improved air quality. At the same time, you’ll increase the overall lifespan of your system.

    One additional note: At the start of the season, consider getting a professional to inspect your unit for any maintenance issues so you don’t first learn about a problem on a frigid day in the heart of winter.

  2. Bust the dust.
    It’s true: Homes are dustier during winter months. Warm, dry air is a major contributor. So is keeping doors and windows closed.

    Other culprits are less obvious. Did you know dust is partially made up of dead skin cells? Because skin is dryer in winter, it’s more likely to shed. And then there’s animal hair and dander. With people and pets staying inside for longer periods of time, it’s no surprise dust is more prevalent in colder weather.

    You’re right to be concerned. Dust can contain up to 45 chemicals, including phthalates and flame retardants. It can also stir up allergies and asthma.

    The good news is there are things you can do—and Norwex products can help.

    • Pay attention to areas where dust can collect.
      Our electrostatically charged microfiber Dusting Mitt acts like a magnet to attract and hold dust and other dust-related allergens. When used wet, it removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces when following proper care and use instructions.

      For harder-to-reach places—ceiling fans, blinds, light fixtures, bookshelves, tops of cabinets and more—use our bendable EnviroWand® with Two-Sided Sleeve. Nubby chenille microfiber on one side, smooth microfiber on the other, it performs better than single-use dusting pads and chemical-packed sprays. Attach to a Telescopic Mop Handle for ultimate versatility.

      Electronics also need attention. Our Tech Cleaning Cloth removes fingerprints, streaks and debris from computers, monitors and televisions without scratching.

    • Combat dry winter skin with game-changing Lysere™ face and body products.
      Daily Face Moisture and Night Recovery Cream contain super Nordic antioxidants and powerful plant-based nutrients for superb moisturization. And Lysere Moisture-Rich Body Lotion hydrates and protects while maintaining skin’s natural balance.
  3. Clean windows—inside and out.
    With shorter days, you don’t want to block any precious—and limited—sunshine. Dirty panes can significantly cut daylight.

    The Norwex Window Cloth and Window Cloth Mop Pad are made of silky, tightly woven microfiber to leave glass shiny and streak-free. Plus, exclusive BacLock®* technology self-cleanses, which means they’re ready to use again and again. For amazing results, you can remove any excess water with the Handle-Held Squeegee System after cleaning.

  4. Clean fireplaces and gutters.
    A roaring fire on a frigid winter day? Yes, please. For cleaning and safety reasons, remove any soot and buildup in your fireplace. You’ll also want to clean up ashes that can collect in the area under the log basket. It’s difficult to keep a fire burning when air can’t circulate properly.

    The start of a new season is also a great time to put new batteries into smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. And similar to heating systems, a professional can identify any pending safety or performance issues.

    As for gutters, remove leaves as soon as they are off the trees. When water has nowhere to go, blockages can potentially cause leaks, deterioration and foundation problems.

  5. Winterize your entryway.
    Keep the great outdoors where it belongs—outside your home. Our super-absorbent microfiber Entry Mat is a must-have to help keep slush, dirt and pollutants at bay. You’ll also want to put a shoe container at the door to hold snowy footwear.

    And remember, salt can be extremely damaging. Clean floors and hardwoods safely and thoroughly using the Norwex Mop System. For carpets and rugs, our Carpet Stain Remover quickly breaks down and eliminates even the toughest stains sans toxic chemicals that can harm your family or the environment.

  6. Cozy up with clean linens.
    ‘Tis the season for snuggling up with a comfy blanket or throw. Safely wash just about every fabric with Norwex Liquid Laundry Detergent or Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent. Both are free from harmful chemicals and work in all water temperatures. For extra softening, toss in the dryer with our Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls. (Don’t forget to add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to each dryer ball to safely scent your laundry.)

    Same goes for bedding. What’s better than curling up in luxurious linens on a cold winter’s night? BacLock* micro silver antibacterial agent embedded in the fabric of our Sheets and Pillowcases self-purifies, keeping them fresher longer. And don’t forget to give your mattress a pre-season clean using our USDA certified 54% biobased Mattress Cleaner.

  7. Be organized—and mindful—putting up holiday decorations.
    A few extra minutes can save a lot of time and hassle next season. Store ornaments in clearly marked boxes and containers, keeping them separated to avoid breakage. Toss any light strands that aren’t working, then wrap carefully around a circular form (think coffee or Pringles® cans).

    Instead of throwing away wrappings, store any usable or extra paper, bags and ribbons. It’s a money-saver, sure, but also a way to cut down on holiday waste. Even the smallest efforts to reduce single-use products can make a difference for our planet.

question mark comment iconGetting your home ready for winter now will help ensure it’s clean, comfortable and ready for the new year. Do you have any tips to share with our readers? Please include them in the comments below.

*BacLock is our antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. It is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product.

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Laura Henderson
Laura Henderson
1 year ago

Use the odour eliminator diluted in spray bottle for fragrance instead of scented candles or in replace of fabric refresners.

Kim Metzger
Kim Metzger
1 year ago

I have two entry mats at the door, end to end. This catches ALL the mud, leaves, fur, dirt. It is well worth the investment.