The Buddy Bench: How an 8-Year-Old Is Reaching Out

The Buddy Bench Reduces Plastic and Loneliness

Can an eight-year-old make a difference in the world? I was recently privileged to learn that not only is one particular little girl making a difference at her school, but she’s also making a difference regarding the problem of plastic pollution.

Recently Norwex Sales Consultant Heidi Vance wrote to us to share the unique way her daughter Samantha is tackling the problem of loneliness that she witnessed on her school’s playground.Norwex Sales Consultant Heidi's Daughter Samantha

It’s called a buddy bench, and it’s made of 400 pounds of repurposed plastic bottle caps. Samantha describes it like this: “If somebody’s lonely they can sit on the buddy bench and somebody can come up to them and they can play together and make new friends,” she says. “I know a lot of people who are lonely and they don’t have really any friends, and new people to the school they could use it and I would use it too.”

The best part? Samantha’s basically helping to solve two problems at the same time, since her bench is made from recycled plastic. This amazing little girl now has people from her community and beyond involved in collecting the caps needed to create the six-foot bench. Or should I say “benches,” because since she started this project Samantha and her team have collected enough bottle caps for three benches and are now working toward a fourth!Bottle Caps

“The possibilities seem endless. In addition, the goal has always been to help other schools raise caps for buddy benches too,” says her mom, Heidi.

Our hardiest congrats go out to Samantha, Heidi and everyone involved. Just one more bit of proof that small, conscious choices really can make a big difference—on a playground and throughout the world.

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