Exploring Our Passion: Norwex Movement Community Project
Exploring Our Passion

Our Community Project is starting to take shape! As I talked about in my Feb. 16 blog, one of the first things to think about in creating any awareness project is to be sure you’re passionate about it. Before I can expect others to jump on board with me about any particular cause or issue, I need to first take a look inward and make certain that I am truly “all in” about that issue myself. After all, I can’t expect anyone else to join the cause if I am not fully invested in it too!

So, in brainstorming which topic our Home Office Community Awareness Project should focus on, our Norwex Movement staff and I came up with several issues that we all feel strongly about:

Potential Topics and Passion Statements for our Norwex Movement Home Office Community Awareness Project (in no particular order):

1. Reducing plastics in the environment. Our partnership with The Washed Ashore Project has helped make this important issue a very personal one for us. Our passion statement for this topic might be: “We are committed to creating awareness about the problem of plastic pollution and helping others live more sustainably.”

2. Clean water. Sadly, millions worldwide remain without access to this basic human need. Our passion statement might be, “We recognize the need for everyone to have access to clean drinking water and are committed to helping to turn this goal into reality.”

3. Reducing chemicals in the environment, in our homes and in our bodies. Of course, this is in complete alignment with the Norwex Mission and one we all feel passionately about. Our passion statement might be, “We are committed to improving quality of life and radically reducing chemicals in our homes—and teaching others how to.”

4. Reducing waste. As landfill space continues to dwindle, finding ways to generate less waste in the first place is becoming even more important. “We are passionate about reducing waste in our community and will share steps for waste reduction with those around us,” could be our passion statement.

5. Healthy living. This could include a variety of issues like working from home, reducing our carbon footprint, living more sustainably, etc. One example of our passion statement could be, “We’re committed to sharing the benefits of a healthier lifestyle with those around us.”

6. Healthy families. Creating a lasting legacy starts at home—teaching our kids and grandchildren healthy habits benefits everyone. “We’re passionate about creating healthier families in our community,” is a good start.

7. Healthy eating. This could include teaching others about the benefits of locally grown produce, as well as the pitfalls of pesticides. Our passion statement could be, “We’re committed to sharing the benefits of healthy eating and ways to help your family avoid pesticides.”

8. Community involvement. Everyone benefits when we actively seek opportunities to strengthen our community. In fact, that is one of the goals of our Community Awareness Project! “We’re passionate about helping our community through ongoing charitable initiatives,” is a good example of a passion statement for this topic.

9. Volunteering. While volunteering can benefit others, it can also benefit the volunteer through the development of skills like problem-solving, working with others and leadership. Our passion statement could be, “We’re passionate about filling needs in our community while also strengthening the skill set of our team members.”

Our team will continue to meet over the next few days to select and refine our topic and passion statement. Going forward, we’ll provide tips and suggestions for sharing your message, as we come up with ways to share ours.

But before we get to all that, I want to know: How about you?

Have you come up with your passion statement? Think of it as your “reason why”—your battle cry to rally around going forward.

I want to leave you with a little note of encouragement. If the thought of an awareness project seems a little scary, that’s OK. To quote fellow blogger Corrina Gordon-Barnes at themuse.com, “The path of passion is where you do things that scare you enough, without leaving you in a constant state of fear. Expand your comfort zone, rather than leaving it.” Great advice!

comment_2I’d love to know what you’re passionate about! Please share your passion statement in the Comment section below.

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polar_bearInternational Polar Bear Day – Saturday, February 27
In support of our mission of reducing chemicals and plastics in the environment, Norwex Movement wishes you a happy International Polar Bear Day!


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