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Clean Air Action Day

Clean Air Action Day

Clean Air Action Day in North Texas

This Friday (June 26, 2015) is officially Clean Air Action Day in North Texas.

As the height of ozone season approaches, people all over (North Texan or not) are encouraged to participate in the goal of doing more for cleaner air, and reducing the amount of ozone-causing pollution we regularly produce.

Ways you can help:

Individuals and families can help by pledging to implement at least one action that will help clean the air, like carpool, use public transportation, bike or walk instead of driving a car on this day.

Some other ways to help include switching to energy efficient light bulbs, avoiding the use of a traditional gas lawnmower, and buying locally or at places where less driving is required (like a nearby farmers market).

It’s also just as important to encourage others to make clean air choices, so spread the word and help others do their part to improve air quality in our region and for our world.

To help do our part here at Norwex, we’re encouraging the people in our office to either bring their lunch or walk to a nearby restaurant instead of driving around.
How will you take part in Clean Air Action Day this year? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below!


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Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
4 years ago

I didn’t even think of the gas vs. electric lawn mower thing… good info, since we are buying a mower soon!